Right-wing thinker Julien Rochedy conquers young America

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May 07, 2024


Philosopher, essayist, politician, businessman and influencer Julien Rochedy is now making inroads into the English-speaking world, confident in the charisma and creativity he has acquired after long years of effort in France.

With books such as Supermen and sub-humans, human value and destiny (2023), Right-wing philosophy (2022) and the impressive Love and War: Answering the feminists (2021), Julien Rochedy is now arguably one of France’s leading right-wing thinkers, who, as the critic Alphonse Raymond said, had reinvented masculine thought in the French language.

Today, Julien Rochedy, gradually gaining international recognition for his theoretical contributions, continues his fruitful work of intellectual renewal, with America as his natural projection, so energetic and bursting with possibilities.

Love and War: Answering the feminists (2021) had reinvented masculine thought in the French language according to literary critic Alphonse Raymond

A willingly iconoclastic thinker, an adventurer of intelligence who loves the risk of peaks too steep for the mediocre man of our time, Rochedy has broken with a certain proletarian nationalism, too often socially composed of losers-frustrated individuals produced by a French society itself mediocre and twilight.

One of Rochedy’s marks of intellectual and personal courage is certainly his denunciation of Russian imperialism, a break with his original political milieu devoured by a morbid fascination for Vladimir Putin’s bloodthirsty dictatorship, the object of all the unhealthy projections of power-hungry losers. His defense of Ukraine’s heroic struggle makes him a thinker capable of real introspection, unlike many opportunists, often too megalomaniacal to dare revise their general conceptions.

Like all long-distance sailors, the French author now wants to set course for American circles of thought, theaters of all confrontations, all tensions, all attempts. Such a fertile mind should sow precious seeds in the English-speaking world, whether on the relationship to modernity, geopolitics, or even love, a terrain well known to Rochedy, who makes no secret of being a successful seducer.

What does the writer’s American destiny hold in store? Doubts, desires and certainly many successful projects.

Julien Rochedy is regarded as one of France’s leading new right-wing thinkers, if not the most important.

In a society as riddled with despair, routine and mediocrity as France’s, it’s also an opportunity for the French author to confront a personal challenge of his own, far removed from the petty squabbles that drive the polemical French right. Rochedy’s followers are eagerly awaiting his first steps across the Atlantic, where, no one really doubts, he will be warmly welcomed.

Where will the writer start? Will he write about American society, which is fraught with tension, or about France and the Old Continent? At the moment, it’s a mystery, but with mystery comes desire, and it’s by cultivating a dark character that one can surprise the public, especially when it’s a new public. No doubt, patience will answer all the questions of Julien Rochedy’s fans, but also those of his detractors, jealous of the audacity of a man who is decidedly full of surprises.

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